Hi my name is Steven Fleet and I'm a freelance developer living in the Swansea area of South Wales. My day job is a Business Analyst but good to keep feeding the coding addiction. I'm a keen surfer . . . as in real surfing not sofa surfing.

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Domain renewal group sales pitch

Just received a letter from domain renewal group telling me my domain will expire soon. They kindly offer me “their” best savings when I switch to their service. Their best offer is double my normal yearly rate. Thank you for scouring the domain lookup and trying to get some cash out of me but I […]

Be careful what you ask for

homebase_extraction_fan Originally uploaded by surfgimp Homebase seems to have an interesting fall back when you submit a query that it doesn’t know. It gives you random stuff in the hope that you’ll buy it. I suppose there’s more chance of buying something than having a “sorry we can’t find that” page with no products. This […]

Trees and sky

WordPress theme versus blank theme

When learning a new skill the process can be accelerated by seeing how other people have accomplished the task. When it comes to themes for wordpress there are lots available ranging from free to paid for. These can come in various setup’s i.e. one column, two column etc. Therefore when designing a new theme for […]